Bible Study

The campus bible study for Winter 2018 will be held on Thursday at 5:30pm to 6:30pm in E6-2022.

This term, we will be continuing the book of Galatians. The following outline will be used in the next Bible study. The outlines can be also be found in the archives if it’s not uploaded in time. Please bring a copy/e-copy of the outline to the following Bible study!



The following are bible study outlines on various topics in the Word that were used in previous terms. Please feel free to use them during your group studies:


Outlines for Winter 2018

Outlines for Fall 2017

Outlines for Spring 2017

Outlines for Winter 2017

Outlines for Fall 2016

Outlines for Winter 2016

Outlines for Fall 2015

Outlines for Spring 2015

Outlines for Winter 2015

Outlines for Fall 2014

Outlines for Spring 2014

Outlines for Winter 2014

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Outlines for Winter 2009

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2009 Fall College Retreat

We are a group of Christians on the UW campus discovering and experiencing the truths in the Bible. We also like to share the good news of God's full salvation with fellow students.

We warmly welcome all believers in Christ and seek to maintain the oneness of the Spirit by keeping our focus on Christ. He is so rich! He is so full! He is everything to us!

We are also open to non-Christians who want to learn about becoming a Christian and to learn about club activities.

Recent Announcements

  • The Called Ones

    Last term we enjoyed how Adam was created to fulfill God’s purpose, and how easy it is to have fellowship with God. We also saw that, although men fell and failed God again and again, God did not give up because we are that part of His creation that He termed,

  • Genesis Bible Study Unveils Christ to Us

    In the well-know account of His transfiguration, before three of His disciples, Jesus appeared on the mountain, with Moses and Elijah on either side of Him. According to the natural thought, we all might conclude, as Peter did, that the Lord was being placed as one among equals with the

  • Fall 2013 Abiding in the Lord

    In this coming Fall term, Christians on Campus at University of Waterloo have chosen as their theme: Abiding in the Lord.    We hope that you will join us this term to seek the Lord together, in small groups of two’s and three’s. We believe that as we come together to pray, praise, read

  • Spring 2013 “pursue with those” (2 Tim 2:22) time!

    This semester we pray the Lord will prepare our vessel by filling us with His Word and Spirit. May we give more time pursuing with those who called on the name of the Lord out of a pure heart, fleeing youthful lust. (2 Tim 2:22)! The place & time for

  • Fall 2012 Times and Places are here!

    Check out the Weekend Conference retreat, saturday night student and families home gathering, and bible study’ times and places in the new widgets below! =)